Yahoo Messenger Issue - T-Mobile MediaPad, SpringBoard Themes and Apps

Hi guys
I have problem in Yahoo messenger and other messenger like oovoo and nimbuz
1 month ago i had a tablet that when i start yahoo messenger i saw my ID Contacts in left side of Screen and the place for type pm in right side of Screen
but 2 years ago i did buy a Huawei mediapad 7
but i dono why when i started yahoo messenger i just see my ID in center on the Screen and no place for pm (like too messenger in android mobile)
and i must select ID too enter the PM page too start chat.... what can I do for solve this problem ? i have such this problem in oovoo and other messenger . is there any program that solve it or setting ? i need solve it for my work
my other question is about rooting .. how can i root the media pad 7 ?
thank you in advance for helping me...


FB messenger (phonenumber tracking??)

Hello all,
I have an question.
Since a few days somebody is anoying me trough facebook messenger phone version.
I was wondering is there a possible way to track down the phonenumber he is using???

Yahoo messenger video chatting problem-need help

I am having issues in downloading yahoo messenger on my tab 10.1. It keeps giving me an error " purchase cannot be made at this try again later" even though it is free? Has anyone experienced this? My tab would be useless with out yahoo messenger as it has video chatting. Plase help

question about the contacts app

hello guys .
I have recently updated my mate 10 lite to android rero / emui 8 , one thing that i noticed is about the contacts default app ,
in the older version , i had a whatsap icon near the contact that had whatsapp , not anymore with the emui 8 version .
here is a link with a photo
PS: when i sync my linkedin account , a linkedin icon appears near the contacts that have a linkedin in account.
Is this happening to everyone .

Gtalk chat Messaging on HD7

Today i tried doing chat on Gtalk by logging into gmail as desktop version and clicking on the contacts in left bottom, sent messages and received them without problem , did any one try it ? it really works and one of the alternatives for Gtalk app. thought call phone feature asks for flash to be installed , Gtalk works fine.Please do tell me if i can find any alternate apps in market place or home brew if you guys know any.
see this thread about MS Messenger and Yahoo Messenger...

Facebook Messenger problem

Hello I have a problem with Facebook Messenger on this phone (never had this problem on any other phone).
Problem is that if I open messenger from the chat heads (overlay), the app is over everything. And by everything I mean absolutely everything (including long press paste option, own messenger settings (I'm unable to change conversation default emoji, because every other messenger screen opens under the chat screen and cannot be accessed), etc.).
If I open it from the app launcher like natural app, it is all fine. Problem is only with the overlay.
Also I have some search bar in messenger, which nobody I know has there.
Anybody with similar problems or is there something wrong with my messenger / phone?
I'm running stock b180, not rooted, not unlocked bootloader.
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