max payne controls issue - T-Mobile MediaPad, SpringBoard Themes and Apps

I downloaded and installed max payne on my mediapad but when I start game I cant see touch buttons (fire, bullet time, pause,etc.) so I can only to fix this problem?

I have same problem :/
It looks like this
I hope it will be fixed in future update

I have the exact same problem except I'm using a i717 and a dual action logitech controller. The only time you can shoot is when you unplug and replug the controller, then the touch pad shows up. Press the trigger and it'll work but as soon as you hit any other key, it stops working again. So did you find a solution yet?


[SOLVED] Riptide - No Controller Options

I've got sixaxis paired with my PS3 controller, and I know it's working.. during Riptide if I hit the 'select' button on the controller, the "pause" menu comes up.
No other controls work, and there isn't a "Help & Options" menu on my Riptide game.. I've seen a video of people using the controller / setting controls, but I can't get to that screen.. anyone had this issue?
Solved. I'm a flippin' idiot. I didn't realize I could scroll sideways.
Don't sweat it.
Hey when I first got my Prime I swore the trackpad broke after a couple days.
I was even thinking of re imaging it...
My wife walks over and borrows it for 5 minutes to see a web page and it comes back from her working.
I asked what she did, she says" oh, I just pushed that button on the keyboard to enable it".
lol I didn't bother to actually get familiar.

how to play asphalt 8

How to play asphalt 8 with keyboard??? I tried with gamepad it doesn't support all the keys only left right working .. Someone help me
It should say keyboard detected and show you the guide when you launch it. Arrows/wasd for movement, space for nitro, left ctrl for brake or drift(ctrl+ left/right button). Careful not to touch the touchpad, sometimes it goes crazy and the car goes around in circles and stop responding to keyboard, restarting the race will fix it. Also the cars/3d stuff only seem to show up in very high graphics settings, there's some kind of graphic glitch on my laptop, driver issue probably.
Keyboard detected is not showing but if i connect gamepad its showing gamepad detected.... Do i need to connect external keyboard? Or internal works for you?
My laptop's keyboard does work without issues, I didn't plug in external ketboard. Did you try just pressing the keys does the car respond? You could try google to see where the controls are mapped by default on a gamepad.
Don't know why my keyboard is not working. On gamepad only i can use left right keys...

[Q] Cubot X6 and IPega Controller

I've bought the Cubot X6 just Thoursday from an old classmate who is testing chinese Smartphones
So far, the device is quite awesome. I have just one problem; I'm unable to get the Ipega v2 Controller work properly.
Actually it works fine, there is just one problem with the right analog stick. It works well for eg. Emulators, where you can configure the buttons yourself. But for games like GTA it doesen't. Everything works fine except for the right analogs stick to look up and down.
On my Galaxy S4, there is no problem at all. Anything works fine there.
I've tried to use Tincore Keymapper, to emulate a Moga or Xbox Controller, since these are Supportet by more games. I've got MC4 to work with the controller on the s4, although this game doesen't support my controller. On the x6 still everything works fine - except for right analog up and down.
I tried gamepadtest to see what reactions the buttons cause
If I press any button, the right button on the App will light up. Left anlaog stick or right analog stick left and right will cause movement on the sticks of the app. But if i turn the right stick up and down, there is a blue bar on the left. if i don't move the stick it's half way filled. if I move it up, the bar will get smaller and disappears, if i move the stick down, the bar will be completely filled.
I wanted to post pictures of gamepadtest just so you can see what i mean, but since i don't have i post, this is not possible.
So the device is recognicing something wrong propably. Do you know how to fix it? Would be quite awesome
Thanks to all!
Edit: Tried two different Controller Via OTG Cable. One of them, a old PS2 and PC Controller doesn't really work, but same goes for the S4. A PS3 Style Controller i own works fine, but the Controller is quite damaged and not fun to play and it's just not as portable as a small Bluetooth controller :/
Can Someone help me? Ideas? Similar problems on other devices?

Any way to simulate touch input?

My son wants to play Super Mario run on the shield. Problem is needs you to touch the screen to play the game. I thought just using a mouse would work, but it doesn't.
I was hoping there was some way to simulate a screen touch. I tried downloading a couple remote apps but I haven't found anything that works yet.
Any ideas, Is it even possible?
Try this:
I have a Nvidia shield tablet which has a controller mapper built in. Try pressing and holding the start button on the controller.

PS3 controller with usb on dock (not working)

I just bought an official Dualshock Pro PS3 controller and it just does not work on my prime. Right now I want to use it with usb port, not bluetooth (that would be the next step).
I installed the controller on my PC to check it's working. My usb ports are also working since I can plug USB keys. I am using ICS update.
When I plug the controller, the only thing I can do is press the power button to leave current app and go back to home menu. Nothing else works. When I press the power button the 4 lights all blink fast for 20sec and then nothing.
I looked at many threads here and on other forums but I cannot find a solution for my problem.
Please help me.
I'm not using the dock but i'am using the asus usb adapter. All I did to get it woking was turned on the bt on the prime pluged the ps3 controller into the usb adapter and pressed the power button. Give a sec and it should pair. Been using my ps3 controller with shadow gun with no problems at all. The game even lets you assign your buttons to the controller. Hope this helps
I also did that. I pressed the power button, the 4 flash lights blinks fastly for 20s. Then I can see the pad connected in bluetooth but after 20s the flashlights turn themselves off, the pad disconnects from bluetooth.
I assume that my problem is not related to bluetooth, so right now if it works with USB I will be glad!
I did the same as hungrybear and it works great, have you tried to check that the control works with a ps3? Maybe it can get recognized on a computer but not fully functional.
Errrrrmmm, what about charging it from the pc for a good while?
Plug in, turn on, turn on Bluetooth, unplug. Now every time you turn it on, it will pair with prime (BT icon will become blue). I don't think there is enough power coming from docks USB to charge it. You can't do much with it on home screens, just launch an app or so. Use left stick to navigate, but its a pain in the bottom. Some games will work with it, some won't.
Sent throught the wormhole from my CoinInserted Sensation OG.
Finally, I bought a new ps3 controller and it's working great now.
I don't know what happened with the other one, I bought it very cheap on Ebay, the looking and plastic case was exactly the same. Maybe a fake sony gamepad I don't know...