zoom problem! - C, C++, C# and Other Windows Phone Development

Hi! i am developing in Windows phone 8, in my Nokia map when i use the zoom my pushpins move also!! whats the problema??
help me!!


[Q] Windows 8 - MultiTouchVista

Hello! I was wondering if anyone else is annoyed that desktop users cant swipe in Windows 8?
Well it bothers me! I would of put this in the Windows 8 Forum but my post count got in the way!
But anyway here's my question...
I've Downloaded Mutitouchvista. It works and activates all of the tablet features.
The problem is that the replacement cursor doesn't draw over context menus or anything Metro. Making it Useless in most of the OS.
It's been plaguing me for awhile! Any Ideas?

Emulator 4 Omnia

at first I want to say that my english is really bad so excuse this please
I wanted to ask, wether somebody could help us (some guys using the Samsung Omnia phone) developing a better Emulator 4 the Samsung Omnia. Maybe you could use Morphgear for this, upgrading it with some differences.
Our main Problem is, that we have no Multitouch, what means we really NEED to use the hardkeys (begin call/quit call/"mouse"key...)
We developed some ideas with ms paint so excuse the bad quality.
At first this could be a kind of steering "circle", adding the diagonal keys because multitouch is missing:
Maybe it is too big in this size so i tried to make a new pic showing the Omnia with our idea:
Maybe somebody here could help us! I would love it to help you on this with more pics and ideas, but i'm a noob in trying to make this work ...
emulator means http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emulator
so you should prob be more spc what you it is you need
emulated if it's dos, c64, amiga or snes or ps2

[Q] Handwriting for wp7 or wp 8

Hi, my name is Galactuz and i'm new on wp development. I'm looking for someone who knows any handwriting recognition api to add to my windows phone app's. I tried myscript but i can't work with her and i don'g get any support. Can someone help me please?
thank you.
Galactuz Prime.

Activator For Surface RT

I have Surface RT... Running Windows 8.1 RT Preview. Is there any way to activate Windows. Please Help Very Urgent

[Q] windows 7 program for making android widgets

hi everyone
im looking for a program on windows 7 that i can use to make widgets for android phones a FREE one please
as i cant find any and when i do there crap..
thanks guys and girls ..