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this was today conversation ,,,the results of what you read is just a sorry and have a nice weekend
We are sorry that you seem to be unsatisfied with the speed of us rolling out updates. The reason for that is, that we want to make sure that our update is flawless. Releasing updates too quickly always carries the risk that the update itself makes problems. Please give us time to do our update properly before deciding to avoid ELEPHONE in the future. We are sure the waiting will be worth it.
Have a nice weekend
Your ELEPHONE Service Team
since you are the service time ,i must say that i have a bug with the keyboards ,on letter p and l sometimes when i press them its closes the keyboard
-Elephone Service
Dear ......, have you tried with other keyboards? I can recommend to you the SwiftKey or the Gboard keyboard. Those are great keyboards.
seriously you are the servise of the elephone and you dont know that the gboard is the default ?tried the swift and the apachi keyboard ,all the same on p and l ,,,and telling cuistomer to try another keyboard is not a solution sorry ,,,
why dont you provide the source ,so some developers like xda can make a custom rom ,tha is fully fuctional ?
-Elephone Service
Yes, we are the service of ELEPHONE. We are sorry you still face the problem with the keyboard. Of course we want to help you out as fast as possible. Therefore we recommended those keyboards to rule out other reasons that might cause the problem beforehand. If you're still facing issues, please perform a factory reset on your phone. Please backup all your data first so you don't loose anything. Factory reset is a safe procedure when you have everything backed up, including the 2FA applications you might have stored on your phone, photos, contacts and everything else. If you need any further assistence, please contact support#elephone.hk. Please understand, that we cannot give assistance on how to install custom ROMs, as they are third party software. They can brick your phone and we don't bear responsibility for that.
Again, we are sorry we couldn't resolve your problem
Have a nice weekend
Your ELEPHONE Service Team
hahah what ever ,,,i said just provide the source , so the cm make a custom rom for this rom ,if i brick it ,you should be the last one to blame ,i had over 50 phones in the past ,and all had custom roms ,and they were working perfect ,i just can understand why is so big deal to provide the source ,so a cyanomod gcould be build ,instead of leaving so many customers with a faulty rom ,and with no update ,,,there are a lot of custom rom builder that they can fix the issues in one week ,,just give the source ,,thats nice to get 230 euros from a customer and say to him that we are sorry that we cant solve the issue you have with one of our devices ?but thank you for the 230 euros ,,hahahha,
and its not only me facing problems
a lot of customers of s8
and its all software build problems

Are you using this? if yes then could suggest that one for me? as I want to try out a different smartphone, not so notable one but equally good.

im the one in a milion mate ,for me doesnt worth to pay the 2k screen ,and not have others,but you should ask others to

#nasios In my opinion you're quite rude to whoever was helping you. It's not their job, and is definitely not a guarantee, that they (or any other device manufacturer) will provide their sources. As far as the updates go, their answer sounded pretty darn reasonable. Why get an update ASAP fixing a few bugs, but in the long run giving you even more new ones, instead of waiting for a stable update that actually fixes the issues..? Personally I wouldn't suggest anyone base their choice off of your comment(s).
*I was told this phone will not receive Android 8.0 Oreo, but within the next week it will receive an update fixing known bugs.

`almost 2 months since this answer ,and finally someone has awaking , so you find a company's answer that they providing you to use third party apps to solve the issues reasonable,no pro mate and i dont care ,i have solved my issues by changing phone!!
you were told that it will not get the oreo ,but i was told 2 months ago that they are working on it ,and you are taking elephone seriously ,
i wonder in what world you are living ,there are many xda developers that they would give a stable one 2 months ago ,and you are still waiting for elephone
elephone are happy with customers like you ,and im glad ,as for me i would just say stay away from elephone ,
and mate i hope you ll get you stable one before 2021 easter ,cause they are working on that for the stable oreo which will not be oreo and a buged fix **** ...
im out mate

I'd be more prompt to take you seriously if you reported actual issues and day to day use performance rather than petty complaints over lack of support over something almost no company would support (custom roms).. Not here for a fight, no need to get upset over my response. But rather, give some explanation and user experience for me. Maybe mine will be better, maybe not. I know what I paid for is all, I'm not expecting it to work with my carrier, I'm aware of the bugged camera, and I'm aware of their lack of support. Anything you'd like to add to it that's legitimate given the price? Thanks

i sold ele ,bought something else ,no bugs ,(cause if you google it ,a lot of people have bugs with s8 )everything is better ,even the camera ,no keyboards issues with the same programs)the only one is i dont have the screen of elephone which i dont care ..
i guess me and many other users that report bugs and expect from tha company that gave 220 to get it ,are same as me ,,
and i paid less fot the other one ...and im happy ,and i dont care rather if a custom rom will come out ...
my user experience advice since you have prompt the other not to follow is sell the elephone and never again buy elephone ,,,

Thank you for going into a bit of detail about the issues you had. I'll keep those specifically in mind as I use mine, if they're present and unbearable I'll refund it, otherwise I'll keep it. I'm more after the screen and specs, the build looks lovely and I feel there's a lot of work arounds to many issues. Again, thanks.


Advice for a stable, updateable ROM for the ZUK Z2 Pro please

Good afternoon everyone. I'm a total (and I mean TOTAL) novice and haven't a clue about hardware, software or firmware, so please be kind.
I bought a ZUK Z2 Pro off Ebay. I like it. It looks nice, it's pretty fast, the battery lasts ages, it's a good size in the palm of your hand and it's got loads of storage.
However, I live in the UK and it's come with this 1.9.104 ST version of ZUI which I believe is some custom ROM installed by resellers to make it compatible for international markets. It's terrible and doesn't do half of what the phone's supposed to do. What's worse, I believe there'll never be any updates on it, so it's likely to be extreme vulnerable from a security point of view. I want to be able to customise the phone so I get the type of functionality I used to get with my OnePlus One.
I'm not interested in becoming a programmer and I don't want to have to keep wiping my phone every time some new ROM comes along, but I just want a ROM that's not going to crash and at least alerts me when I've missed a call (which doesn't happen with the crappy ROM I have now). I want to get an update to Nougat when that comes to the Z2, but it looks like I won't be able to do that either given I don't get any OTA update notifications.
I'll need the Play Store integrated too, of course. Any advice or recommendations for a version that I can use, is in English and will deliver some updates when I need to get them?
Thanks in advance.
Use the cm Rom from Emmaus, on zukfans.eu. It's very stable. At the moment only the vibration isn't working.
Thanks Mac - which version am I looking for?
Much obliged.
The last one. Don't know the date for sure. Just hit up the forum and you will find it.
This one - https://emmaus.pro/?dir=Zuk%20Z2%20Pro/CM13
Thanks guys - this is very helpful.
One more daft question for the experts: given the review of the regular ZUK Z2 (ie: not the Pro that I've got) I've read today on Trusted Reviews, which highlighted the same problems I have, is there any real issue with installing the regular official up-to-date version of ZUI from ZUK themselves, and then selecting English as a language?
If I did so, I presume that means I won't have the Google Play Store integrated? Assuming that's the case, is there a way round it?
Thanks again, and apologies if all of this is blindingly obvious to you guys. As I say, I'm pretty much a babe in the woods about this stuff (I once tried installing Oxygen OS on my OnePlus One and failed to the extent I just threw it in a cupboard and bought a new phone).
If you want to stick to zui, you could also head to zukfans.eu, there is a global rom with multilanguage and integrated Google play services
So, since November, is there a better suggestion for a stable, updateable ROM for ZUK2 PRO?
I find it very difficult to find one that is not broken. And I don't mind minor broken stuff like vibration, but things like camera or not being able to call, that's important.
I was collaborating with the one from Edgrr000 and emmaus in https://forum.xda-developers.com/zuk...s-wip-t3551507 but it looks like it is abandoned now.
thank god i'm not the only one finding that a €300+ device should just work and nothing else
Feel free to use the Stock rom. Everything work as it should do.
Or use at least this one:
As the first post says, I am also a novice and dont understand terms like flashing, rooting, TWRP, Qfil etc (I know I m dumb).
I had bought a zuk z2 pro, still on its way, from a supplier who installed a multilanguage custom rom. I tried to read threads here and on the zukfans eu and honestly I m getting more confused...some say stock rom is the best, others mention cyanogenmod etc.....All I need is the english language and google play...does that mean stock rom is enough? will it update automatically to nougat 7?...and another important question...how am I going to remove the custom rom to the stock rom? would that be safe? thanks

LG G3 Marshmallow Pros and Cons

Im thinking about updating to Android 6 but im not quite sure if i should do it already.
Heard some good things about perfomance and overall feeling but also about lowered Imagequality.
What are your pros and cons about the update? Is it worth going? Pls help me
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Well thx for your response!
im currently on fulmics 2.7 with xceed and its feeling really smooth. There is not a real reason for me to upgrad but i feel a bit outdated if i stay on lp. I know its stupid.
Im not using the camera for high quality shots at all but i also dont want to loose some of the quality. Is there any chance that lg will update the camera problem?
and about the knock code: i think there is no way for the devs to disable the "6knocks3areas" rule? i love the knock code on lp and dont want to miss it
I think I will wait and see if LG can fix this problems or maybe a dev can
As far as I know the MM release is somewhat a beta release since it was only released in Poland. It being a beta, I guess it's normal to have a numerous amount of bugs. So better wait for the global final release before ranting out on unfinished beta software.
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Dont rly know what you talking about. Knock code for me works fine and camera FV 5 does the job well on every condition.
V30b is doing fine with and am most satisfied with batery life.
But looks like its just mz expiriance and its up to you if your going to wait for the nwxt relese or upgrade like me.
All the best .
Ya works fine with me to. v30b is one smooth ride. knock code is only 2 more taps anyway so thats not to bad as far as camera goes it grand. Believe me LP sucks ass compared to this. do yourself a favor and flash+root v30b sure if you dont like it you can allways go back to lolipop 🍭
simple case of user error
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Heres my problem with your opinion. Which it is an opinion. As with most reviews people give on xda, people here already have a high expectation based on their technical experience or lack there of. Ive found that if i compare peoples reviews from xda to other sites or real world, youll find a really wide spread. Im not saying youre wrong but you project opinion off as fact. Even reading this reply to people you attack anyone disagreeing by saying they are sheep or arrogant. Ever heard of variance. Sure every device comea off the line "identical" but errors happen. If you have a defective phone to begin with a software update may not fix it. Its why you get people on so many places on a line. Ive been with android since the beginning and these kind of responses have always happened. Ive seen peolle post and say that "everyone " is having the issue and they should either not buy the device or not update. Xda is not representative at all of any real user base for a specific device. For anyone looking for whether or not to install something or update. Id say take everything with a grain of salt and read many reviews. In the end its hpw you see the device.
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Oneplus One says no, it's super efective!

So I recently obtained my Oneplus One, and a friend of mines invited me to the comunity of OpO users in Portugal ( portuguese in case you didn't notice by now ) I was surprised to how many people complaining about random bugs and whatnot. It came to my knowledge that they had installed a ROM on the device, and almost all of them complained wheather it was from small bugs like wifi not detecting once in a while to bigger ones, such as, not responding to the touch of the owner after he unlocks it. Real crazy stuff.
So to set all thing straight I wanted to know if the same happens to you guys, or the portuguse comunity reports are just from people unaware of how to properly install a ROM without fudging it up.
I used to have the Moto G ( old but gold one ) with SlimKat so I wouldn't say i'm that new to flashing ROMs in your mobile phone.
Most of the time it's user error, but people love to blame anyone but themselves.
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I agree, users normally do a lot of mistakes, and complain about everything, but i would advice to go to OPO forum and give a look at Technical Support, maybe you can have a better view from things!
Believe me, it isn't just a portuguese problem, all brands have their problems what takes them apart are the ways they manage them and Oneplus as yet many things to do about it!

Help from experienced Developers!

Hello devs,
I have had a Micromax Canvas 2 Colors phone since a year and a half now. Custom/Themed ROMs were uncharted territory for me till June of this year, when my warranty was about to expire. I decided to use the VionicL ROM then. One heck of a ROM that was. Later, in the span of months, so many developments came in for the device, CM11, CM12/12.1, MIUI, and so on. I was very happy to see that there are so many people working hard on providing us the very best experience on our phone. But, like most of the average mobile phone users, I used to download the ROM, install it and enjoy, nothing more than that.
Now, as the time has come for me to switch to a new phone, I am switching to Lenovo K3 Note. I have had digitizer issues with my Canvas 2 Colors and the battery back-up was a little on the poorer side. So, I'm finally giving my phone away to one of my friends and moving on. Although, I would've loved to experience the final, stable build of CM12.1. Thanks to all the devs that worked hard on that. #Al3XKOoL : Especially you, man!
Now that I'm going to be using a new phone, starting from the 28th of October as per Flipkart, I looked up the phone on xda. Unfortunately, there is no forum for the phone. I was a little disappointed, but even C2C did not have a forum a few months ago. So, I tried looking for ROMs, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the progress in new and variety of ROMs. I agree that it is a fairly new phone, but there are a lot of people who own that phone, so I was expecting better results. And another point that many people like me would be searching for ROMs.
The help I request from all the developers here is to teach me to develop ROMs and Porting ROMs. I am absolutely inexperienced here, but I'm eager to learn. I'm 17 years old and I am studying 12th grade at the moment. I would still love to learn about ROM development and Porting so that I can provide the people with some ROMs like you all have. Although, I will not be helping out the C2C family, I can start to help the K3 Note family in any way I can. I hope some developers are interested in having an acquaintance.
Please consider this a sincere request and if anyone can please help me learn, I would be very, very grateful to you. I know that I can't learn it overnight, and that is why I want a proper guidance.
If anyone is interested to help me learn about the things mentioned above, please contact me through a message.
Thank you and sorry for annoying you lot with a long post!
And I will be indebted forever to all the developers in the C2C community for giving me and all the C2C owners a pleasurable experience. Thank You!
Sorry for tagging you people, but I hope you don't mind and you people are the most recognized devs in the C2C community :
first of all thanks for our words..im still using my WIKO RAINBOW as my second phone..ive moved on to VODAFONE SMART ULTRA 6 and im testing MIUI 7 LOLLIPOP with a ported rom already that is booting and running with TWRP ..although is very buggy its ALPHA version still, that is nice..
for developers/porters whatever is not easy to teach someone..we have our work to do and that kind of knowledge we have, it took us a few years and at least some dead phones, hard bricks and a few other bad things that could happen to our phone..so my advice to you:
talk with other users
now and then ask for help when you need it, some users know a lot
you need time and patient..be aware that many times things will not go as you expect or wish..best of luck and keep following us in my blog and youtube..RAINBOW / MMX A120 C2C still is a good phone.
Is anyone developing cm 12 for lenovo k3 note
Hey, thanks for taking time out to read my post and replying.
Nice to hear that you've been working on a different phone and rolling out new ROMs for that phone too!
Yes, I know that everyone have their own work, family and personal stuff and everyone are developing in their free time or as a hobby. I will be doing the same too as I have my studies as a bigger priority.
I understand it is not easy to teach anyone about developing, at least guiding is possible, right? I would be glad if you could guide me in what to read and where to be careful etc. stuff like that.
I already bricked my K3 note once and revived it somehow. I know it will not be an easy road or it is just as easy as downloading a ROM and flashing it in recovery, most of the users can do that. I know it is hard work, I will try to read, but there is so much knowledge on XDA alone that it will take me forever to read, understand and be able to implement. So, what I am asking is, if you could let me know on where to begin and in which direction to go after that, I would be indebted to you.
Again, Thank you for taking some time out, I know you have loads of work, and I hope I can be as good a developer as you someday!
There is a Chinese developer who has rolled out CM12.1, but the English translations are not complete, so there are some chinese fonts still left behind, and there are some bugs in that too. I would not recommend using that ROM for daily use till the bugs are sorted out and the full English support is included.
With some support, I was planning on compiling CM12.1 for the K3 note. I've noticed that major developments for this phone is on some Spanish and Russian websites and not on XDA. I was a little sad to see that, but hopefully, there are a lot of developments on XDA too!
Hello There!!
My Phone Is Mmx A120 Canvas 2 colours
I was trying to get back to stock rom
And Always Getting this no space error 5069 While Flashing (1st image)
After searching i found that format will fix this and i can flash like a charm
But after formatting my Device Is dead
no boot, no charging, no recovery
I'm Trying TO whole flash but I'm there is no option for that only Getting without bootloader one
Then i've checked it memory in memory test option now i'm getting
Nand Flash Not Detected
Plz!!! tell me what i can do to take my phone back to life
The Phone is out of warrenty

Need some advice buying this phone..

I have been thinking about buying this phone but am unsure when i read so many ppl have problems with the Oreo update. Is the 7.12 that comes with the phone at least stable enough so I wont have any real issues? I dont mind staying on 7.1.2 as long as there are no problems with it, but I wouldnt want to buy this new phone and already have problems with it to make me want to return it...
Thanks for ur advice!
ive got no problems at all with mine mate, the camera is a bit rubbish, its not horrible but not great but everything is great and im n the latest oreo build
^^ What he said.
Everything is perfect fine here too.
I listen to music, play Clash of Clan, Clash Royale etc and have no issue so far. Some ppl have hissing issue while some not (I'm one of them, maybe I dun have perfect hearing). If you like low light photography probably not recommended.
The reason I chose this phone over Meizu M6 Note bcoz I reckon there is room for improvement(just gotta be patience) and it's much cheaper with the same specs during 11.11 Sale. If you like photography, maybe can consider Meizu M6 Note as the price has lowered, and the downside is that you may not get any customized ROM and frequent updates.
Flagship mobiles dun mean the best too - http://www.androidpolice.com/2018/02...hone-problems/ ...
P/s: I'm still on 7.1.2 ... I'll never be the first to update nor buy new gadget, I'd rather wait and read reviews =P
thanks for ur feedbacks peeps! I guess ill probably buy the A1 and stick with 7.1.2 until Oreo gets more stable in the coming months. i dont wanna rush it and mess up my phone, possibly brick it, only thing im worried about cuz then thats $230 down the drain..
how is Mi's support? are they good and trustworthy? seems like Oreo is taking them some time to get some critical bugs fixed like the battery drain etc. Cant be that hard/long to fix these things..??
btw to update to Oreo do i need to do such things as unlocking bootloader, rooting, etc. things that void my warrant, JUST so i can update the phone? or is this only necessary if i want to install a custom rom? I forgot androids cuz ive been using a Windows phone for the last 4 years but its time to go back as Windows mobile is dead.
Only for custom ROM man. Otherwise just update it from N to O without problems.
And if you want Google Cam you'll need to root your phone. But first look what pictures you have with stock camera and decide later if you want Google cam. I'm fine with stock camera but I don't take pro pictures with a phone. For that I have a camera.