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[TOOL] AndroidAutoCompiler [1.0_061115]

How to get this ?
Download it on my Github : AndroidAutoCompiler
How to run it ?
Just type in your Terminal.
Progress of the Project :
06 Nov 2015 : First script & First Upload
Next build will integrate an graphical interface, powered by TKinter. Here is a tease :
Issues :
Don't forget to contribute :
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Version Infos
Status : Very very pre-alpha
Created 061115
Last Modif 191115
I've forked your script and am adding some more ROMs, default statements and also fixing some typos. Will let you know when everything's done and I'm ready to do a commit.
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That's cool ! Waiting for your update.
Just one thing - I can't seem to find the link to AOKP's KitKat branch. Can you just look it up and post it here ???
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I have to leave for a few days so I've made an incomplete commit for you to merge and build upon.
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Thanks man, I've just seen your update, going to work on a graphical interface this night.
Really appreciate your help.
Thanks. Just managed to secure internet but cant code from this phone. Maybe i'll be able to help you out with the graphical ui later.
Please keep pushing changes regularly to the Github repo do that I can stay up to date with your sources and keep working on my contributions as well.
P.S. I just had an idea to upload a index file with names of devices and their code names for noobs of course. We can then proceed to also including which ROMs actually support the device. The devices can first be the popular ones, and if the script gets famous :fingerscrossed: , we can accept requests for device inclusion.
Dont worry about implementation, if you aren't familiar with file handling in Python, I'll do it.
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I'm still working on that ui, it takes time, i'd never use Tkinter. I'll push when the script will be usable.
Good ideas, it can be good.
Sounds like a really interesting thread just subscribed and will be following closely. I've tried building from source before and anything that helps is great. Thanks for sharing
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I've wanted to build something like this for a very, very long time. Here's my [humble as hell] start to it:

[Q] Android ROM/Application Source Code

I am new to programming and understanding the concepts behind it and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction to some source code for the excellent ROM's I have seen on here or any applications which have been developed for the Android OS? The reason for this request, I need to see the code to understand what's going on behind the scenes to make a ROM/application function. I figure if I am able to study the code, I may actually be able to understand finally how to develop either an application or ROM. Thanks in advance.
Most of the ROM's that are built from source either use AOSP source code which the source code can be found here, Cyanogenmod source code which can be found here, AOKP source code which can be found here, or Paranoid Android source code which can be found here, or the ROM's use a combination of all these listed and cherrypick there favorite features from each while adding there own. When it comes it seeing what other changes have been made by the developer the easiest way to look at the source code is looking at each developers github profile if available which can be accessed by usually searching for there username on github or clicking on there username here on XDA and selecting the "View Github profile" option. Let me know if you still have questions .
Thank you shimp208 for your expedient response on this issue. I will definitely be checking out the links you have provided and with hopes, gain a deeper understanding of the Android OS to become a developer myself.
I wish you the best of luck man, these guides are also definitely worth taking a look for getting started with a variety of ROM development aspects http://xda-university.com/as-a-developer.
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Thanks For Help i too had same Que.
Thank you very much

OmnironChangelog open source now

After I wrote to ByteHamster, the dev of OmniromChangelog, he made it open source now. It will also be available in F-Droid soon.
Big thanx for this!

Filebrowser question

For some purposes here on XDA I always had a file repo on AjaXplorer.
Nowadays it's kinda laggy and buggy, so I need something else.
Do you have any ideas?
I just want a file repo which is directly public available. I've tried:
- Ajaxplorer
- OwnCloud
And this would be great:
But I want an opensource 'and' free one. Any ideas and suggestions?
Maybe one that already has some android source code available for making
an app too!
There's a bug running around on my screen!!!!!
This might be a dumb question on my part, so forgive me, but is there any reason you wouldn't just use something like Google Drive? I looked up AJAXplorer, so maybe it's just that you want to host it yourself? I didn't delve into it deeply, though, so I could missing the obvious.
Totally correct mate
I host it myself, I've got a huge repo with several own built ROMs, modems, drivers etc.
So it would be nice to have a nice interface. AjaXplorer is giving me headaches.
There it is again!
it keeps buggin you
Just reminiscing!!! LOL

Opensource sux!

custom roms should have a way to hide there files, because people just drag files from one rom them in to their own roms..then they replace the icons...and they use winrar to replace the icons..then sometimes they do even copy the gapps...I just wish there was a way to hide these things!
I admit that that's a problem with open systems, but the flip side is that it's the very nature of opensource that allows you to make all these custom roms in the first place. You won't have this kind of freedom on a closed garden, that's for sure.
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I believe u did the same thing..took one base rom..modified to your own..
Remember open source is about sharing..this is the reason why android dominates smartphone markets :thumbup:
^ +1
I think what trettet meant to say is, people are not honest enough to ask permissions and give credits to the source of any ideas they come up with.
I'm not just talking about some codes, lines or a whole ROM copycat, but sometimes an idea which result in better achievement should be given credit too.
An imaginary thought in Open Source Life, there are roots to everything, you can trackdown any development to its original source, growing some branches and leaves, or growing another family trees
For opensource you dont require permissions...but credits to the author need to be given
If I wanted to release modified AOKP based then I dont have to ask permission rite?
Yes u can do it..but just credit should be given..
If you want to be a serious developer, then be sure to read the licences of the sources you're using. Some licenses have very specific terms about what you can do with the code, such as requiring proper accreditation, specific redistribution requirements, etc. Even opensource does have its rules.
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Develop your own os then. Open source has always been the best policy. If it would all have been closed source, you wouldn't even get a change to build cm, miui, cna, aokp or even android. Developing would then be zero and it would then be called xda-modders.com and not developers.
And what do you want to hide?
Hide what you make and not what you mod.
i think what trettet means here is, the orginality of the hard work gets lost in the case of themed roms.
atleast its not lost in original port like mik's cm7....